Interest Survey

We conducted an initial survey of interest in the Bootcamp and possible topics in early May 2023.

Survey link:

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Time series of responses

Figure 13: Time series of responses

Expressed levels of interest for workshop topics

Figure 14: Expressed levels of interest for workshop topics

Other suggestions:

Looks great! :)
These seem like great options!
Where to store and share multiple projects? Maybe OSF or others?
best practices for sharing biological data in a way that balances reproducibility and flexibility for people using that data for other purposes
Collaborative workflows and tips, Common experiences and what to expect after it is open and accessible/publishing, LaTeX, SQL
Social network analysis
IRB Application and designing of survey based studies
Prepping data for sharing / Data curation would be really useful. Containerization and dependency management (e.g. via Apptainer on ROAR Collab) would also be good.
Electrophoresis, Electrochemical impedence spectroscopy
Basics in Data visualization using R
OMG! I love all these options/topics! Thank you so so much!!!!

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