Protocol for Human Subject Research

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Knowledge about and attitudes toward open science practices among Penn State researchers

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Name: Rick Gilmore

Department: Psychology

Telephone: 814-865-3664

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Table of Contents

1.0 Objectives

2.0 Background

3.0 Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

4.0 Recruitment Methods

5.0 Consent Process and Documentation

6.0 HIPAA Research Authorization and/or Waiver or Alteration of Authorization

7.0 Study Design and Procedures

8.0 Number of Subjects and Statistical Plan

9.0 Data and Safety Monitoring Plan

10.0 Risks

11.0 Potential Benefits to Subjects and Others

12.0 Sharing Results with Subjects

13.0 Subject Payment and/or Travel Reimbursements

14.0 Economic Burden to Subjects

15.0 Resources Available

16.0 Other Approvals

17.0 Multi-Site Study

18.0 Adverse Event Reporting

19.0 Study Monitoring, Auditing, and Inspecting

20.0 Future Undetermined Research: Data and Specimen Banking

21.0 References

22.0 Confidentiality, Privacy and Data Management