10 Risks

List the reasonably foreseeable risks, discomforts, hazards, or inconveniences to the subjects related the subjects’ participation in the research. Include as may be useful for the IRB’s consideration, a description of the probability, magnitude, duration, and reversibility of the risks. Consider all types of risk including physical, psychological, social, legal, and economic risks. Note: Loss of confidentiality is a potential risk when conducting human subject research and must be listed here. - If applicable, indicate which procedures may have risks to the subjects that are currently unforeseeable. - If applicable, indicate which procedures may have risks to an embryo or fetus should the subject be or become pregnant. - If applicable, describe risks to others who are not subjects.

The study poses minimal risk beyond the potential for loss of confidentiality. The items are non-sensitive and hold little potential to cause psychological distress. General steps to ensure confidentiality are as follows: (1) all data files and responses will be stored on password protected servers and personal computers; (2) only investigators listed on this application will have access to the raw data; (3) data will be presented in aggregated form.