16 Other Approvals

16.1 Other Approvals from External Entities

Describe any approvals that will be obtained prior to commencing the research (e.g., from engaged cooperating institutions IRBs who are also reviewing the research and other required review committees, community leaders, schools, research locations where research is to be conducted by the Penn State investigator, funding agencies, etc.).

We are in the early stages of getting approval from the entities that control access to the relevant email lists.

16.2 Internal PSU Ancillary Reviews

DO NOT ALTER OR DELETE: Ancillary reviews are reviewed by other compliance groups or individuals within Penn State that inform the IRB’s review of a new study or a modification to an existing study.

PSU IRB may set applicable ancillary reviews for your study. Please refer to the “HRP-309 Worksheet – Ancillary Review Matrix” for more information (found in the CATS Library).