7 Study Design and Procedures

Data collection materials that will be seen or used by subjects in your study must be uploaded to CATS IRB (http://irb.psu.edu). DO NOT include any actual data collection materials in this protocol (e.g., actual survey or interview questions)

7.1 Study Design

The survey involves a one-time assessment of knowledge and opinions. Participants will be sent a link to the online survey, which contains several questions about their knowledge of Open Science in general, specific Open Science practices, and barriers that might exist that slow greater adoption of Open Science practices.

7.2 Study Procedures

Provide a step by step description of all research procedures being conducted (broken down by visit, if applicable) including such information as below (where and when applicable); describe the following: - HOW: (e.g., data collection via interviews, focus groups, forms such as surveys and questionnaires, medical/school records, audio/video/digital recordings, photographs, EKG procedures, MRI, mobile devices such as electronic tablets/cell phones, observations, collection of specimens, experimental drug/device testing, manipulation of behavior/use of deception, computer games, etc.) - WHERE: (e.g., classrooms, labs, internet/online, places of business, medical settings, public spaces, etc.)

The research procedure consists of an email with a link to an online survey sent to participants via a University-approved listserv. Participants may delete the email, visit the survey but choose not to take it, take the survey but not complete it, or take the complete survey. Participants may skip questions that they do not want to answer. Participants may take the survey using any internet-connected device they have access to and in any location with internet connectivity participants choose.

7.2.1 Visit 1 or Day 1 or Pre-test, etc.

Participants will be sent a link to the online survey. They will be able to take the survey anywhere with a stable internet connection (e.g. laptop, desktop, mobile phone). Participants may skip questions or stop the survey at any time.

7.2.2 Visit 2 or Day 2 or Post-test, etc. (If applicable)

Not applicable to most participants. Some may elect to provide us their name and email so that we may follow up at a later date with additional related questions.

7.3 Duration of Participation

The survey will take approximately ten (10) minutes to complete.